This is a selection from the current portfolio of work by professional photographer Silva Vaughan-Jones. The site contains images of domestic animals as well as native fauna with an emphasis on birds.

Birds are beautiful in all their incredible variety of shapes and colours. They lead interesting and fascinating lives and are very difficult to photograph, birds in flight being one of the most demanding of all.

The diversity of the bird world is infinite - age, sex and breeding plumage give an enormous variety to even one species.

This site is ultimately about the art of bird photography. Trying to preserve images of birds at their most dramatic, with clarity and compositional harmony, is challenging, while endeavouring to make the seemingly-unattainable look routine.

Migratory waders, Australian wetland birds, as well as the broad spectrum of species which inhabit NSW, make up the majority of this collection.

“Which photograph is my favorite?
The one I'm going to take tomorrow”

Imogene Cunningham